Working With Linear Systems in Python With scipy.linalg

On June 16th, 2021 the article Working With Linear Systems in Python With scipy.linalg was published on Real Python. In the following, you’ll find the summary and the link to the code on Github.
Linear algebra is widely used across a variety of subjects, and you can use it to solve many problems once you organize the information using concepts like vectors and linear equations. In Python, most of the routines related to this subject are implemented in scipy.linalg, which offers very fast linear algebra capabilities. In particular, linear systems play an important role in modeling a variety of real-world problems, and scipy.linalg provides tools to study and solve them in an efficient way. In this tutorial, published on Real Python, you’ll learn to:
  • Apply linear algebra concepts to practical problems using scipy.linalg
  • Work with vectors and matrices using Python and NumPy
  • Model practical problems using linear systems
  • How to solve linear systems using scipy.linalg
The code is available on Github.


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