Hello World!

Welcome to my personal blog! I’ve started this because I needed to save some information for further reference and I think a blog is an good alternative to do so. The information is about a variety of subjects: softwares I’ve tested, computer simulations, texts, links and service or product impressions I consider worth. Moreover, I will use this space to practice my writing which needs some improvement 🙂

Currently, I’m working towards the Ph. D. degree in electrical engineering and I intend to publish some of the things I’m studying. Besides that, I’m starting a project on software development and I’d like to publish the experience I’m having with analysis, data collection and the development itself.

Since 2005, when I got in touch with the free software culture, I’ve been studying and using many free software solutions. During the last years, I’ve been migrating my desktop environment and today, almost all the software I use is free software. I’d like to write about some of these softwares, including the experiences I’m having with Emacs and some of its “modes” as my development environment and Python for application development and computer simulations.

I hope I find people interested on these subjects so that we can discuss and learn new stuff. Feel free to contact me and participate on the comments 🙂


Renato Candido.


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