Redes MLP distribuídas para classificação de arritmias cardíacas

Lucca Gamballi, Daniel G. Tiglea, Renato Candido, Magno T. M. Silva. Redes MLP distribuídas para classificação de arritmias cardíacas. Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações – SBrT’2022, 2022, Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Anais do SBrT 2022, 2022, pp. 1–5. (available only in portuguese)


In this paper, multilayer perceptron neural networks are used to classify cardiac arrhythmias with a distributed approach. The training data is split between networks that communicate through a certain topology, in which each network does not have access to the training data of the others. This approach is employed to ensure patient data privacy. To obtain a clinically realistic result, data from the same patient are not considered concurrently in the training and test sets. Simulations indicate that the performance obtained with distributed training and a suitable topology is similar to the one observed with the classical training.


Artificial neural networks, multi-layer perceptron, distributed processing, topology, cardiac arrhythmia.