Channel equalization for synchronization of chaotic maps

Renato Candido, Marcio Eisencraft, Magno T. M. Silva. Channel equalization for synchronization of chaotic maps. Digital Signal Processing, v.33, pp.42-49, Oct. 2014.


Many communication systems applying synchronism of chaotic systems have been proposed as an alternative spread spectrum modulation that improves the level of privacy in data transmission. However, due to the lack of robustness of chaos synchronization, even minor channel imperfections are enough to hinder communication. In this paper, we propose an adaptive equalization scheme based on a modified normalized least-mean-squares (NLMS) algorithm, which enables chaotic synchronization when the communication channel is not ideal. As an example of application, this scheme is used to recover a binary sequence modulated by a chaotic signal generated by the Hénon map. Simulation results show that the modified NLMS can successfully equalize the channel in different scenarios.


Synchronization of chaotic maps, Chaos-based communication, Adaptive equalization, Non-ideal channels.