A new encoding and switching scheme for chaos-based communication

Renato Candido, Magno T. M. Silva, Marcio Eisencraft. A new encoding and switching scheme for chaos-based communication. Computational Applied Mathematics, 2017


Many communication systems based on the synchronization of chaotic systems have been proposed as an alternative spread spectrum modulation that improves the level of privacy in data transmission. However, due to the lack of robustness of complete chaotic synchronization, even minor channel impairments are enough to hinder communication. In this paper, we propose a communication system that includes an adaptive equalizer and a switching scheme to alter between a chaos-based modulation and a conventional one, depending on the communication channel conditions. Simulation results show that the switching and equalization algorithms can successfully recover the transmitted sequence in different nonideal scenarios.


Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Practical Applications; Chaos and Global Nonlinear Dynamics; Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems.